Lesson 1 – Introduction to Web Development

Lecture Slides: Introduction to Web Development

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Applied Objectives

  1. Run JavaScript applications that are on the Internet, your computer, or a local server by loading their HTML documents into your browser.
  2. Use a text editor or IDE like Aptana Studio 3 to edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.
  3. If you’re using an IDE like Aptana Studio 3 that lets you run applications from it, run an application from the IDE.

Knowledge Objectives

  1. Describe the components of a web application.
  2. Describe HTTP requests and responses.
  3. Distinguish between the way a web server processes static web pages and dynamic web pages.
  4. Describe the use of JavaScript and jQuery.
  5. Describe the use of HTML and CSS.
  6. Distinguish between the HTML div and span elements and the HTML5 semantic elements.
  7. Describe the use of these HTML attributes: id, class, title, for, and name.
  8. Describe the coding for these types of CSS selectors: type, id, and class.
  9. Describe the components of a CSS rule set.
  10. Describe the components of a URL.
  11. Describe the issue of cross-browser compatibility as it relates to the development of web pages and JavaScript applications.
  12. In general terms, describe the two workarounds for using the HTML5 semantic elements with old browsers.


  • Assignment #1 – Basic Webpage I
    You are to create a basic HTML webpage that highlights one African-American PhD in Computer Science. In this page you must use the following tags: html, head, body, img, href, ol, li, hr, h1 and h2. You will not be graded on looks of the page. You should have a picture of the selected person and a link to either their linkedin page, personal website or some type of article about them. Obviously, you need to have some type of text explaining who they are and what they do. You will name the document with your last name. For example, gosha.html.
  • Assignment #2 – Basic Webpage II
    You are to update the webpage you created in Assignment #1 with CSS. You should have a header at the top (in green), navigation bar to the left, content to the right and a footer at the bottom of the page (in purple). In your navigation column, you should have three choices. You should include home as the first choice and the other three choices should be “Research”, “Education” and “Employment”. You will name the webpage with your last name and the stylesheet “style.css”.

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