CSC 415 Class Calendar

Class Calendar

Below is the class calendar for the Spring 2016 Semester

  • January 21
    • Review the syllabus
    • Go over learning objectives for the course
    • Create GoDaddy server accounts
    • Assignment #1 – Basic Webpage I
      You are to create a basic HTML webpage that highlights one African-American PhD in Computer Science. In this page you must use the following tags: html, head, body, img, href, ol, li, hr, h1 and h2. You will not be graded on looks of the page. You should have a picture of the selected person and a link to either their linkedin page, personal website or some type of article about them. Obviously, you need to have some type of text explaining who they are and what they do. You will name the document with your last name. For example, gosha.html. Due, via Blackboard, at 2:00pm on January 26.
  • January 26
    • Review Homework
    • Chapter 1 Lecture
    • Assignment #2 – Basic Webpage II
      You are to update the webpage you created in Assignment #1 with CSS. You should have a header at the top (in green), navigation bar to the left, content to the right and a footer at the bottom of the page (in purple). In your navigation column, you should have three choices. You should include home as the first choice and the other three choices should be “Research”, “Education” and “Employment”.  You will name the webpage with your last name and the stylesheet “style.css”. Due, via Blackboard, at 2:00pm on February 3.
  • January 28
    • Continue Chapter 1 Lecture
    • Review for Chapter 1 Quiz
  • February 2
    • No Class (NSF CISE/EHR Event) 
    • Class moved to lab time on Wednesday
  • February 3 (Lab Time)
    • Chapter 1 Quiz
    • View Videos over Section 2
  • February 4
    • Chapter 2 Lecture
    • Assignment #3 – Loan Calculator
      You are to build a loan calculator using HTML and Javascript. The user should be able to enter the loan amount, interest rate and the NUMBER OF YEARS that the loan will be repaid. They should  also see the monthly payment, total amount of the loan (principal plus interest) and the amount of interest paid. Every time the user updates any of those fields, the monthly payment amount, total amount and amount of interest paid should automatically update.You will name the web page with your last name. Due, via Blackboard, at 2pm on February 9.
  • February 9
    • OUT SICK
    • Class will be rescheduled TBA
  • February 11
    • NO CLASS – Invited Talk at University of Georgia
    • Class will be rescheduled TBA
  • February 16
    • Assignment #4 – In Class Assignment
      Complete the three short programs on chapter 2 slides 66-70. You should submit the source files for each program and the link for each program.
  • February 18
    • Class Project #1 – Blackjack Game I
      Everyone, you are to create a blackjack game using HTML, Javascript and CSS. Below are the requirements for the program below:
      • There are only two players per game, the computer and the user of the system
      • You are to randomize the cards that are dealt to the user
      • The computer can have (but is not required to have) a choice of seven pre selected hands (the program must randomly select between the seven)
      • The computer player will always stay with the two cards it is dealt
      • The user can 1) stay with the cards that are dealt or 2) choose to add a card
      • Once the user gets a total of over 21 the game is over and the user loses
      • The user can continue to add an additional card until 1) they get a total of over 21 and the user loses or  2) they draw three cards (a total of five) without going over 21 and the user wins
      • You can use alert or prompt boxes in javascript for the user to interact with
      • For this version of the game, you do not need to show images for each card, just the suite and the value
      • The user should be given the option to play the game again after a game is played

      The program files and a link to the program is due at 2pm on March 3rd on Blackboard.

  • February 23
    • NO CLASS – NSF HBCU-UP PI Meeting in D.C.
    • Class will be rescheduled TBA
  • February 25
    • NO CLASS – NSF HBCU-UP PI Meeting in D.C.
    • Class will be rescheduled TBA
  • March 1
    • Project #1 Due
    • Chapter #3 Lecture
  • March 3 
  • March 8 and 10
    • No Class (Spring Break)
  • March 15
    • Test I
  • March 17
  • March 22
  • March 24
  • March 29
  • March 31
    • Return and Review Test
  • April 5
    • In Class Assignment from Blackboard
  • April 7
    • Assign Database Accounts
    • Assign Homework – Creating A Simple MySQL Login Form
      View the following video on YouTube ( and duplicate this on your own server account. This is due ( the web files and the link) on Blackboard by 2:00 on Tuesday, April 12th. Put the a correct username and password to check on the body of the webpage. If it does not work for any reason you will not receive credit.
  • April 12
    • In-Class Assignment/Worksheet
  • April 14
    • Lecture on Sessions & PHP Filters
  • April 19
    • Lecture on Cookies & Local Storage on
    • Discuss items for final exam and final quiz
  • April 21
    • Lecture on Arrays with JavaScript
    • In Class Assignment – See Slide 26
      Create an application using arrays with Javascript that keeps track of students and their test scores. As new test scores are added the Average score, lowest score and highest score are updated to the results. The program should have two buttons. One to add a new person/test and the other to view/update the results.
  • April 26
    • Last Day of Class
    • PHP Quiz
  • April 28
    • Senior Final Exams